The interruption to living on auto-pilot

The most potent
manifestation practice

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**** WARNING****
This practice has the power to create anything you can dream up. Be careful what you wish for!

Are you ready to break free of everything that is keeping you stuck?

As humans, we are conditioned to check the boxes, to live on auto-pilot, to do the things that society says we should. The problem with that is that it limits us in our relationships, our businesses, our freedom. It’s not your fault. And it is your responsibility to yourself, and everyone around you, to step into your most powerful self. The only way to create something new is to be something new...

About the Founders,
Brad Barnes and Melissa Dlugolecki:

We are two humans on a mission to break people free of feeling stuck and do so without the “quick fixes” or "smoke and mirrors" programs that inundate social media and the coaching industry. 
Our motto is Authenticity or bust.

After coaching thousands of individuals in building their businesses, we put together everything we knew into a fool-proof method: The elevate. Method. Through this exact method we have not only create multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses for ourselves but for hundreds of entrepreneurs as well. Through staying connected to the impact and "humanship" of entrepreneurship, we built a process that has you feeling fulfilled, aligned, excited and empowered in your business.

We are both bereaved parents who made radical changes in our relationships, careers and lives, so we know how powerful it is that first time you choose YOU and your dreams. 
A gift of our losses- we are unwavering in our commitment to show every single person we encounter, what is possible for them, too. We don't lead by telling, we lead along side you doing the real work.

So, thanks for being here. We believe in your greatness.

elevate. is the coaching, community, and program to take you from that 9-5 grind to financial and time freedom.

With over 1,200 entrepreneurs having gone through our programs, The elevate. Method is a proven strategy to grow your business from $0 to 6-figures, 7-figures and beyond...

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